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My baños and Candles

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I felt it necessary to make a blog post dedicated solely to my new products: bath soaks and candles. For as long as I can remember, I've been a huge fanatic of baths, it was always a way to relax, unwind, and meditate. A bath soak has always been a staple of my self-care routine, and honestly if you don't like baths, try a foot soak! Aside from me being a lover of baths in general, when I began incorporating herbs, rituals, and candles into my self-care time I began noticing a big shift in my energy.

Throughout my spiritual journey, I've discovered a lot about myself and my ancestry. I can say I have always been more spiritual than religious (especially now that I'm older), and discovering about the history and what my ancestors did and practiced opened up a whole other dimension for me personally. I had always been curious about different things, metaphysical things but I was never allowed to even research them how I wanted because my family was extremely religious. Now, these past couple of years that I've been on my own spiritual journey, herbal baths, and Baños/limpias have been an amazing way I've been able to honor and connect with my ancestors. You see, I come from a line of Shamans, or brujos Indios as some call them, and I noticed that the more I incorporated herbs, certain intentions into my baths while making and using them, it was helping me strengthen my connection to them. It's been a way that I've been able to honor them, and in a way feel like I'm continuing the type of work they once did and continuing this lineage. Not only do making these baths bring me great joy, but I've been able to also help some closest to me via these baths I make. I wholeheartedly put all my love, protective intentions, and overall good energy into every single one I make, and I hope those of you that purchase are able to feel that when using one of my baths!

Candles... I LOVE candles, I've always been obsessed with them and for a very long time as well I've been working and planning on these launches individually. As an eclectic bruja I practice candle magick a lot, it's always been the easiest and most effective way of me doing work of all kinds. When thinking about my future plans and where I want BrujaTalks to go, candles were always in the picture, and I'm glad I'm able to share pieces of what I love with you all now. For those of you that are NOT interested in premade candles or dressed candles, don't worry, I have candles that are just for the smell purposes. My dressed candles are my babies, and what I'm looking forward to launching right now, as each candle is specifically made to serve a divine purpose. My candle line will be named "Soy", and I have to thank a best friend for the wonderful idea! Not only are my candles made of soy wax but "soy" in Spanish translates to "I am". "Soy" is me sharing who I am with you all, and letting you into a part of my life and sharing with you what I love doing, the scents I like, the work I do, and overall just what I truly enjoy. If you happen to be interested in a candle, I promise you won't regret it, I am putting my whole heart into each candle and bath I make, and the results will speak for themselves!

I'm so happy to finally be able to share with you all what I've been working on and hope you take the opportunity to meet me in a different sense (my creative sense)! BrujaTalks has come a long way from me just offering tarot readings, which is something I will continue doing for a very long time, and I couldn't be more proud of myself! Its been a long journey, but there's still more work to do, so many more launches and new products that are on the way, so much growth and abundance and I can't wait to share it all with you.



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