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La Lune
  • La Lune


    12oz Vegan Coconut Apricot candle

    Organic Lavender (option without herbs available)

    Cotton wick

    Phthalate Free Fragrances

    La Lune highlights: Duality, introspection, spiritual growth and renewal

    Happy Cancer season!

    • - Before first burn make sure to cut down wick to 1/4” and remove any big botanicals from the way of the wick.

      - Do NOT burn candles for longer than 3 hours at a time.

      - Ensure you are watching candle at all times and do not leave a candle on and leave the room.

      - Keep away from pets and children, and do not burn on top of glass.

      - Do not burn candle under a fan or in direct way of vents

      - Do not burn candle past 1/3” left in the bottom.

    • ALL PRODUCTS are made by order, in small batches. All orders put in during the week (M-F) are made that very next weekend and shipped the next week.

      Candles require MINIMUM 5 day curing period so  please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping & delivery!

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