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ILuv Me Baño
  • ILuv Me Baño


    This is a spritual herbal bath infused with essential oils. This beautiful bath soak was specially made with an immunity support blend w/Epsom salt, lavender, rose petals, calendula flowers, baking soda, rosehip, lavender essential oils, and coconut oil. All herbal ingredients are organic and self-care and protection intentions were also infused into the baths to help aid in your self-love journey. 



    I would highly recommend using a tea-like bag to strain flowers because it can get messy. Pour into a hot/warm bath, light up your favorite candles, and just sit back and relax while setting your own intentions about self-care and self-love! Enjoy the beautiful scents and let this bath remind you why taking care of yourself must be a priority. 




    • Absolutely no returns or refunds on ANY products or services provide or sold by BrujaTalks Botanica. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Refunds on case by case basis.

    • ALL PRODUCTS are made by order, in small batches. All orders put in during the week (M-F) are made that very next weekend and shipped the next week.


      Candles require MINIMUM 5 day curing period so  please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping & delivery!



      PLEASE KEEP IN MIND USPS SHIPPING DELAYS! ONCE YOUR PRODUCT HAS SHIPPED IT IS NO LONGER MY RESPONSIBILITY. I WILL NOT REPLACE ANY PRODUCTS. If you'd like to request a replacement due to USPS mishandling your order please email with your situation. 

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