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La Limpia (Home Cleansing Kit)
  • La Limpia (Home Cleansing Kit)


    Custom Deep Limpia/cleanse for your home & you! This is a cleansing kit perfect for when you need to cleanse the energy in your home, you, when you're wanting to welcome new beginnings into your life, welcome a new career or simply refresh your space. 


    This limpia package includes the following: 


    • Custom-made herbal spiritual cleansing bath. 
    • Custom-made herbal blend for smoke cleansing.
    • Custom-made spiritual candle. 
    • Custom-made home candle.
    • Custom-made better business candle.
    • Custom-made road opener candle.
    • Protection against mal de Ojo Baño.
    • Agua de canela.
    • Custom-made spiritual cleansing floor wash.
    • FREE consultation to talk about your needs/concerns.
    • Instructions on how to use each product and explanation of all herbs/items used.



    I will walk you through how to properly clease and rid your home and you of any stangant energy, or dense energy stuck around you or your home. I will work with you to figure out the best plan of action for you and your space! 



    • No returns/refunds, all prodcuts are custom made and tailored to YOUR individual needs. Refunds on case by case basis.

    • ALL PRODUCTS are made by order, in small batches. All orders put in during the week (M-F) are made that very next weekend and shipped the next week.


      Candles require MINIMUM 5 day curing period so  please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping & delivery!



      PLEASE KEEP IN MIND USPS SHIPPING DELAYS! ONCE YOUR PRODUCT HAS SHIPPED IT IS NO LONGER MY RESPONSIBILITY. I WILL NOT REPLACE ANY PRODUCTS. If you'd like to request a replacement due to USPS mishandling your order please email with your situation. 

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