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  • Manifesting

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    Manifesting : Manifestation refers to various pseudoscientific self-help strategies intended to bring about a personal goal, primarily by focusing one's thoughts upon the desired outcome. The techniques are based on the law of attraction


    This wonderful manifesting candle was made with the intention to help you bring your manifestations into fruition a little faster with my help! This candle is great when manifesting money, abundance, growth, luck, love, a new car, a new house, etc! 


    Burn the cinnamon sticks along with the candle (seperately not in the candle) to bring about more abundance in your home! 



    Candle includes things like: green aventurine crystal, jasmine, alfalfa leaf, bay leaf and cinnamon which have manifesting properties.


    **available in 3 sizes: 

    - 9 oz 

    -17 oz


    You can also choose your own scent, all colors, herbs and topping are the same in each candle size. 



      No returns or refunds on any products or services redered by BrujaTalks Botanica LLC. Refunds on case by case basis.

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