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Custom Intention Candles

I wanted to share my process behind making each individual candle with you guys because I want to show you more about me, my Botanica, my individual products & why I’m so proud of my creations✨🧿🥺


- A custom intention candle is a scented candle made with your intentions & my personal magic to help your work/manifestation come to fruition faster.

- all candles are dressed, and charged with protection, blessings, and uncrossing energy as the base of the candle.

the candle is made to serve in your best interest and in alignment with your greatest and highest good.

- I intuitively choose the herbs that I use in each piece, working with your intentions/energy to bring to life your wishes in the form of a beautiful candle.

The herbs🌿 I choose to use in a candle all have specific magical properties that aid in the completion of your ritual/intentions.

- I also choose each candle color intuitively and in alignment with your own intentions. 🕯



I recommend using your new intention candle when doing your ritual work, when doing work at your altar, when working with moon energy, while doing your daily affirmations, etc.

I created these candles with the hope that whoever purchased one, used it as THEY see fit.

What I like to do with mine, is also use them when im doing my spiriutal baths, as I bathe, I speak my affirmations and intentions that I charged into the candle outloud to myself & the universe! I say it 3x and then leave it on for 3 hours at the most.

- I especially like to light mine while working at my altar, when I sit to talk with my abuelitos, etc, they’re VERSATILE.

I also like to light my candles in the morning, especially my cleansing days to enhance the energy of my home and they smell amazing!!


I personally love reusing all jars I can, I use them mainly to jar my herbs, oils, tinctures, etc.

- The best way to recycle and reuse your glass jars or metal jars is to put them in the freezer for up to 4 hours.

The reason for this is, it freezes the contents inside the vessel making it easier to take the wax and wick out.

- You can use a spoon, a fork or knife to crack the frozen wax in half making it easier to take out or simply pull it out.

- When you’ve emptied the vessel feel free to wash them with hot water & dish soap they get clean pretty quickly!

I try to be mindful of my packaging and how I make my candles and my fave reusable ones are the matte clay vessels. 🪴🌎

I hope this information helps you better understand my process behind making my intuitive candles! — blessings,

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