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January Limpias

Try something new –

These are some of the limpias I do to welcome the new year!

I wanted to share with everyone some recipes to help you create your own baths, floor washes, and herbal blends for smoke cleansing!

Over the past years these are some of the limpias I have created for myself to help me cleanse the energy from the prior year. I also use these to invite abundance, good health, luck, and prosperity in the new year!

Here are some ingredients you'll need:

- chamomile

- yerba buena

- yerba santa

-epsom salt

- eucalyptus

- spearmint


- nettle leaf

- raspberry leaf

- rosemary

- rose buds

- calendula

- oats

- milk of your choosing

Please make sure if you have any allergies to the above herbs to just simply not use them or substitute them for something else that works. The point of me sharing these is for YOU to create your own blends and baths for yourself. My goal is to empower and equip you to take care of yourself, and not rely on anyone else rather than yourself. Obviously there are certain times when you'll need the help of others like me but for the most part, this is a great start towards regular spiritual upkeep and hygiene. You don't have to use all herbs, you can look up the herbal properties when it comes to energy and magic and then go from there.

With these herbs you can make all three, a bath, floor wash, and herbal smoke blend.

You'll want to boil everything together if you're making a bath, OR you can put them all into a bowl mixing it with your hands, while saying your prayers and affirmations and breaking the herbs down with your hands! You can also put everything in the bath water and leaving it like that. Once you're done saying your prayers and manifestations for the year, go ahead and strain the herbs out. You can take the water with you to the bath and mix it with regular water in the bathtub, or you can also pour it on yourselves from your neck down again repeating and envisioning, feeling everything you're removing/bringing in.

The same instructions go for the floor wash but I would also add some cinnamon to help aid in the cleansing. To smoke cleanse just make sure you're using a fire safe bowl or plate to burn the herbs on or even an incense holder! I prefer to use charcoal tabs but you don't HAVE to use them if you don't have them.

If you choose to do the smoke cleanse, walk through your home from the left corner to the front, visiting all rooms, closets and corners, saying prayers and affirmations of protection and cleansing. Burn some cinnamon afterwards or palo santo to invite good positive energy after smoke cleansing your home! Please open up the front door or windows after you're done going through all of the home!

Please remember these are just things I do MYSELF to promote a great new year, we carry so much energy from the past year, and just situations that happened the prior year that its easy to forget to get rid of these before February comes along. There is NO ONE RIGHT WAY TO DO THIS PLEASE USE YOUR DISCERNMENT AND INTUITION WHEN IT COMES TO THE BEST PLAN OF ACTION FOR YOURSELF!!!

I hope this helps you and if you have any questions please email me or Dm me!

- Lene

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